Delle chiaie e neofascismo italiano/europeo organizzati da gruppo pedofilo – CMI Toscana

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Delle chiaie e neofascismo italiano/europeo organizzati da gruppo pedofilo – CMI Toscana.

riesumo questo interessante topic che spiega come il meofascismo europeo sia stato organizzato e gestito da un gruppo pedofilo e pedopornografo belga
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il libro completo “Rogue Agents” – David Teacher……

Come è noto Stefano Delle Chiaie era membro dell’Aginter Press,pseudo agenzia giornalistica dietro la quale si celava una organizzazione terrorista fascista guidata da Yves Guerin-Serrac.

“È la declinazione italiana delle dottrine propugnate dall’Aginter Press, la centrale eversiva internazionale nata in ambiente atlantico e guidata da Yves Guerin Serac. Nel documento La nostra azione , in seguito scoperto a Lisbona nella sede dell’Aginter Press, si teorizzano le “azioni di infiltrazione nei gruppi filocinesi” e le “azioni di propaganda” da attribuire agli avversari politici per aumentare il clima di instabilità e creare una situazione di caos. Inizia la stagione delle infiltrazioni a sinistra, delle “bombe anarchiche”, delle stragi “rosse” a cui doveva seguire la restaurazione dell’ordine da parte dei militari sostenuti da gruppi di civili in armi.”
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Guerin-Serrac verso la fine dei ’60 entro’ in contatto col fascista belga Florimand Damman:

Damman had already started the groundwork for a
new group, CREC, to be run by Damman and a new ally, Yves Guérin-Sérac, leader
of the revolutionary fascist group, Aginter Press, founded in Lisbon in September
It is possible that Guérin-Sérac saw the new group CREC as an opportunity to
provide Aginter Press’s international fascist contact network, Ordre et Tradition, with
links to top conservative politicians, a bridge between the revolutionary fascist
underground and ‘respectable’ public figures, whilst at the same time pursuing the
strategy of tension that Aginter Press had developed. After an initial contact in late
1968, Guérin-Sérac came to Brussels in January 1969 as Damman’s guest to
develop contacts amongst the elite conservative circles Damman frequented.
Damman started by inviting Guérin-Sérac to the AESP’s XIIth Grand Charlemagne
Dinner on 27th January, 1969, just four months before the Milan bomb blast that
launched the Italian strategy of tension. Amongst the illustrious guests were
Habsburg and Belgian Prime Minister Gaston Eyskens; one of Guérin-Sérac’s
dinner companions at table G was the Belgian neo-fascist Emile Lecerf, later to
become notorious in connection with rumours of a planned coup in 1973 and a
strategy of tension in Belgium in the 1980s.

Damman era membro del Cercle des Nations (che dal 1998 assunse la denominazione Cercle de Lorraine)
(“In April 1970 … Damman and
Vankerkhoven would organize a Cercle des Nations reception in honour of the Greek
1990, Hugo Gijssels, ‘De Bende & Co.’, p. 174 (translated from Dutch to English): “Paul Vankerkhoven, renowned member of the Ordre du Rouvre, establishes in 1969 the ‘Ligue Internationale de la Liberté (LIL), the Belgian branch of the ‘World Anti-Communist League’ (WACL). That same year he establishes in Brussels the select but controversial Cercle des Nations… possibly more important is his membership of the notorious extreme-right ‘Centre Européen de Documentation et Information’ (CEDI) of which Vankerkhoven is secretary-general.”

Il Circle des Nations oltre ad essere un gruppo neonazista,terrorista,anticomunista ed eversivo è stato chiamato in causa diverse volte per il coinvolgimento di suoi membri eminenti in episodi di violenza sessuale, in particolare con la rete pedofila emersa a seguito delle ‘indagini sul caso di Dutroux
Il Cercle è descritto come “a private, aristocratic club, which started out with about 80 members who generally were royalist, staunchly anti-communist, pro-Nato, pro-European integration and highly fascist.” Besides Paul Vanden Boeynants and Baron de Bonvoisin, members included Paul Vankerkhoven, a side-kick of Otto van Habsburg who founded the Belgian branch of the World Anti-Communist League; and countless people who have been accused of sadistic child abuse: Jean-Paul Dumont, Count Herve d’Ursel, Roger Boas, Charly De Pauw, Guy Mathot, Ado Blaton, General Rene Bats, Philippe Cryns and the de Merode family. A lot of these men belonged to Opus Dei; Violet was no exception.
CERCLE MEMBERS FROM BELGIUM have yet to be identified, but the group they must have come from is rather limited. Take former defense and prime minister Paul Vanden Boeynants and his sidekick Baron Benoît de Bonvoisin, whose father had been a director at Société Générale (still the major pillar of the Belgian economy and the Vatican-linked aristocracy) and an initial Bilderberg participant. Both were reportedly members of Opus Dei. Vanden Boeynants and Benoît de Bonvoisin were two of the founders of Cercle des Nations in 1969, an aristocratic Belgian club with Jean Violet as one of the few foreign members. Cercle des Nations was another hard-right offshoot of Paneuropa activities and had about 80 members when it first opened. Vanden Boeynants is also said to have been involved with Violet’s Académie Européenne des Sciences Politiques while the headquarters of the Paneuropean Institut Europeen de Developpement was located in Baron de Bonvoisin’s castle (165). Co-founder and vice-chairman of this institute was Paul Vankerkhoven, a side-kick of Otto van Habsburg who founded the Belgian branch of the World Anti-Communist League. Vankerkhoven was a co-founder of CEPIC in 1972, a secretive hard-right inner group of the Social Christian Party (PSC) of vanden Boeynants and Baron de Bonvoisin. To keep things short, this group, which includes the Belgian royal family of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha and many high nobility figures, has at times tried to undermine Belgium’s democratic process. One of these attempts was in the early 1970s. Another one in the early 1980s.
More child abuse accusations
Baron de Bonvoisin was accused by two witnesses in the X-Dossiers of child abuse: X1 and X2. These actually are not the only accusations. [update: person wishes to remain
anonymous], has been in the possession of four brief summaries of witness testimonies about child abuse. De Bonvoisin’s name comes up in three of them. Here’s a rather familiar sounding excerpt:

“Event: Witness her husband, who has passed away, received an invitation for a party at a castle in the neighborhood of ATH. Former minister DESCAMPS and Baron de BONVOISIN were present there. At a certain point children of approximately 10 years of age were brought in. These were then abused by the guests present. The husband of the witness didn’t know this would happen and left the place because he didn’t want to participate … Date of the event: About 4 years ago.”
Descamps” is a reference to the liberal politician Pierre Descamps, whose political allies were questionable figures as Jean Gol (partouser at Les Atrebates, together with Nihoul; X2 stated she had attended a meeting at the Hilton between Madani Bouhouche’s spouse (husband of an alleged abuser), Paul Vanden Boeynants (alleged abuser), Wilfried Martens (alleged abuser), Guy Delvoie (alleged abuser who partied with Lippens and Davignon), Nihoul (alleged abuser) and Jean Gol) and Jean Militis (special forces col.; CEPIC; PRL member of parliament; named as a coup plotter along with Vanden Boeynants), and reportedly also was a friend of the notorious gang leader Patrick Haemers. Descamps was born in ATH, a Belgian municipality located in the Walloon province of Hainaut, in the West of the country. He was appointed a honorary Minister of State in 1973.