da Mehrnews: scontro tra i miliziani del PJAK ed i Basiji. a rischio le trattative di pace. a cura di alias/ammiano marcellino.

29 Luglio 2011 0 Di ammiano marcellino
PJAK terrorists attack Basij outpost in northwest Iran(per tradurre l’articolo, usa il translator del sito)
TEHRAN, July 29 (MNA) – Armed members of the counter-revolutionary group PJAK (the Party for a Free Life in Kurdistan) attacked a Basij outpost near the city of Sarvabad in northwest Iran on Wednesday, martyring one Basiji and injuring four.
Reportedly, Islamic Revolution Guards Corps forces have also inflicted heavy causalities on PJAK terrorists during the clash. IRGC forces have launched a major offensive against PJAK since mid-July after a high-ranking Iranian military official criticized Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government for failing to halt PJAK terrorists’ activities in Iraq. On Wednesday, a commander said IRGC forces have killed about 50 PJAK terrorists in northwest Iran over the past few weeks. The IRGC commander also said operations against PJAK will continue until Iraqi forces deal with the group. On July 22, in another terrorist operation by PJAK, a vehicle, carrying a number of IRGC personnel, struck a mine, killing six troops including a colonel.