da Farsnews. Attivisti per i diritti umani criticano il silenzio occidentale sulle violazioni in Bahrein ed Arabia Saudita. a cura di alias/ammiano marcellino.

2 Agosto 2011 0 Di ammiano marcellino
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 Activist Deplores West’s Silence on Bahraini, Saudi Crimes
TEHRAN (FNA)- A prominent Iranian human rights activist condemned the western countries and the so-called advocates of human rights for keeping mum about the daily crimes committed by the Al-Khalifa and Al-Saud dynasties against the Bahraini people.

“The western countries, and the US on the top of them, are used to making a media ballyhoo over any minor problem in independent countries and portray themselves as defenders of human rights and human values, but they have now kept mum about the crimes being committed in Bahrain by the Manama and Saudi forces,” member of the Islamic Human Rights Commission Vahid Kazzemzadeh said in Iran’s Northwestern city of Tabriz. He lashed out at the Bahraini and Saudi rulers for their dark record in violating human rights in Bahrain. Kazzemzadeh said the discriminatory approach of the West and human-rights advocates is better understood when one notices that people in Bahrain are receiving the harshest and most suppressive response from the security forces, while they are demanding nothing more than a restoration and attainment of their basic rights. Six months after the eruption of mass protests in Bahrain, the kingdom still kills the opposition, jailing hundreds of activists in a crackdown that has unveiled the Obama administration’s support for dictators in the region. Bahrain’s monarchy, since calling in Saudi troops to help crush protests, has been quietly dismantling the country’s opposition. Since February 14, Manama has been conducting a brutal crackdown on protesters who want an end to the rule of the Al-Khalifa dynasty. In March, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait deployed their troops in Bahrain to reinforce the armed clampdowns. According to media reports, the harsh crackdown has so far left tens of people dead and hundreds more injured. Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch have condemned the Bahraini and Saudi regimes for the heavy-handed tactics against civilians in the Persian Gulf state.