Fars News Agency :: Khazayee: Iran Ready to Play Constructive Role in Settling Syrian Crisis

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Fars News Agency :: Khazayee: Iran Ready to Play Constructive Role in Settling Syrian Crisis.

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Khazayee: Iran Ready to Play Constructive Role in Settling Syrian Crisis

TEHRAN (FNA)- Iran’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations Mohammad Khazayee in a statement underlined Tehran’s support for any constructive and peaceful political process in Syria, and announced Iran’s readiness to play a constructive role in settling the crisis in the Muslim country.

Statement by H.E. Mr. Mohammad Khazayee Permanent Representative of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations under the agenda item 64 entitled “Report of Human Rights Council” before the General Assembly of the United Nations:

In the Name of God, the Compassionate, the Merciful

Mr. President, Regarding today’s meeting of the General Assembly I would like to express our views both on the procedures of convening this meeting and on the substance of the issue. First on the procedure, as my delegation explained in the morning meeting, we received your letter dated 09 February 2012 which was circulated to all Permanent Representatives wherein your intention to convene this formal meeting of the General Assembly under agenda item 64 entitled “Report of Human Rights Council”. We wished that prior consultations could have been taken place in advance with concerned Member States or even the General Committee, before the announcement of holding this meeting. Even under extraordinary circumstances where an urgent formal GA meeting is required, still this should be done through the established procedures and there is no justification for a shortcut of the normal and practical process concerning the preparation of such a meeting. This would set a precedent and would open the door for any situation to be brought to this august Assembly without having specific mandate and without going through proper channels and conducting necessary consultations in a neutral, transparent, and genuine manner as required in conducting the work of this Assembly. On Syrian case we should also take into account that the Security Council has the situation under its review. Second, on the substance of the discussion on the situation in Syria, I would like to state the followings: Syria is undergoing very difficult moments in its history where its national integrity and solidarity is at stake. There are numerous partial or biased depictions of the current events in Syria, and contrary to the reality of what is taking place on the ground. Consideration of the events in Syria, therefore, should be viewed in a comprehensive manner. In recent months many terrorist attacks occurred in Syria, the latest of which took place a few days ago in Aleppo leading to heavy toll in human lives and public properties. Just yesterday we even heard from an Al Ghaeda leader calling for more acts of violence against the Syrian people and the Government. We should be clear on that and condemn all foreign interferences and acts of violence and the incitement to terrorism. We believe that addressing the legitimate demands of the people through a peaceful and domestically-led political process and away from foreign interventions is the only way out of crisis. Coercive sanctions, pressures and attempts to interfere in Syrian internal affairs would only lead to deepening of political and social crisis with all its ramifications to the region as a whole. Our goal, therefore, should be minding a process that lead to a more democratic nation, broader political and economic participation, strengthening national unity, ensuring public order, national security, stability and prosperity of Syrian people. While bearing in mind that the primary and ultimate responsibility for the security and stability of the Syrian people lies with the people and government of Syria. Syria has historically played an important role in the Middle East. Prolonged instability and unrest in Syria would have implications for peace and stability in the wider region. We should all think of a comprehensive, effective and practical way to help a peaceful resolution of the present crisis without any foreign intervention. We believe that the main role of the United Nations, including the General Assembly is to help and facilitate engagement of the Syrian political groups with Syrian Government for a Syrian-lead political process while taking into account the reform process announced by the Government based on aspirations of the Syrians, and ensuring respect for the country’s