16 Novembre 2018 0 Di ken sharo

From Harare, 16/11/2018

Jussa Kunerezera

OUT WITH THE GOVERNMENT OF MNANGAGWA AND ZANU PF! No truce to the government of Mnangagwa and its negotiating meetings! Enough with subjecting the working class to the MDC! For a national congress of the grassroots to conquer a plan of struggle and the general strike! The dying economy of Zimbabwe has reached new levels in recent days with stores struggling to stock shelves, drugs that are running out and long queues outside service stations. The local “bond” currency, which theoretically has the same value than the US dollar, has been in free fall in recent weeks, which has raised fears of a return to hyperinflation that ruined national finances in 2009.

The prices of raw materials keep increasing significantly, as retailers responded to the growing inflationary pressures derived from the depreciation of the local currency, the shortage of foreign exchange and the excess of liquidity in the economy. Mnangagwa as well as Mugabe imposed the 2 percent tax on all money transfers, as it was announced by Finance Minister MthuliNcube, it was a necessary pain for citizens. The government of Mnangagwa has turned Zimbabwe into one of the poorest countries in the world, with an obsolete industry and one of the best arable lands in the world that it does not produce. In addition, they put a huge reserve army at the service of Anglo-American and the large transnational corporations, which reduce the wages of all workers in black Africa. Zimbabwe: a mode of accumulation based on the imperialist plundering of the nation’s wealth.

This mode of accumulation of Zimbabwe based on the plundering of gold, diamonds and lithium and a slave labour force for all of southern Africa has come to an end. The rich land of Zimbabwe, in the hands of a black oligarchy that expropriated the anti-colonial struggle, like Mugabe and his clique, is not producing today; it has no irrigation system, no fertilization and no investments in technology. A group of parasites destroyed the land and now lives as millionaires like the old British colonialists and white slavers. Bread, land, work! Out with the IMF! Capitalists must pay the crisis! Reincorporation of all dismissed workers! Reduction of the working shifts and one more shift in every factory so that all the available hands produce with a salary at the level of the cost of living! The IMF and transnationals, the big creditors and the owners of plundered Zimbabwe, which now have the economy in bankruptcy, are taking the wealth out of the nation. This capitalist system can no longer give workers neither wages nor decent work. A system that cannot give its slaves the minimum food must die. Imperialism and the capitalists are throwing their crisis to the masses.


The catastrophe is here: we have to fight! The crisis must be paid by those at the top: the capitalists and the general, agents of imperialism! They come for everything; we are going for all of them! For people to have bread, work and freedom… there is no other way than to defeat the military dictatorship, its government and its infamous regime. We must break with imperialism! The fraudulent external debt must not be paid and must be disowned! Down with the military dictatorship! Out with the government of Mnangagwa and ZANU-PF, supported by the MDC! For a worker and popular economic plan! Out the IMF! We must expropriate the transnationals and the bankers without compensation and under workers’ control! Those are funds to invest in machinery and technology to put all of Zimbabwe’s land under the control of the poor peasants and workers’ organizations! Nationalization without compensation and under the control of the workers of each factory that closes, suspends or dismisses workers! We must put under workers’ control or workers direct administration all the machines and factories that the capitalists paralyzed! Enough of hunger and misery: Plan of Struggle and General Strike We must stop fighting sector by sector like what we are doing now, the teachers fighting alone, the bank workers alone, the doctors alone, the sellers alone… Like the unions in South Africa, they are the same as in Zimbabwe they cannot unite and fight together for the benefit of all workers, we must unite. Our demands for wages and living conditions, the struggle for housing, health, education of our children are the same demands of workers in South Africa, Zambia, Brazil, Argentina, etc. We all have the same enemy.

We are one class, one fight. We must coordinate those who fight. The ZCTU and all trade unions can and should convene a National Congress of grassroots delegates of the workers and poor peasants immediately, convening committees of the unemployed, consumers, street vendors and students to conquer the alliance of workers and peasants and impose a general strike to drive imperialism and the IMF out of Zimbabwe. Out with the military dictatorship! Dissolution of the repressive forces! Against repression like the one that has claimed the lives of five exploited in Harare after the elections, which suffer the street vendors in the cities and all those who have fought, we must establish self-defence committees of all the workers’ and workers’ organizations and the worker and peasant militias! Private soldiers must refuse to repress the people. By rank and file soldiers committees! Dissolution of the police and the caste of army officers! Trial and punishment of the murderers of the martyrs who fell in Harare after the electoral fraud! Open the road to the working class! Plan of struggle and general strike to overthrow the military dictatorship in the streets!

Enough with the government of Mnangagwa and ZANU-PF! Provisional revolutionary government of the working class and the poor peasants, supported by the bodies of struggle of the masses and in the generalized armament of the people! Democratic freedoms are being subjugated at every step.

The MDC has shown that it is not even capable of defending the lives of the workers who have carried it on their shoulders. Democratic liberties for the oppressed will not come from the party that for decades has supported the ZANU-PF in power or has co-governed with it. Even the measure of a free and sovereign constituent assembly, that breaks with imperialism and gives the land to the peasant, that imposes a single national assembly on the basis of the dismissal of the caste of judges, the repressive forces and the caste of generals and officers under the command of the IMF, can only be guaranteed by a government of the working class and the poor peasants, based in their fighting bodies. The liberation of the workers will be a task of the workers themselves! Zimbabwe will be socialist or it will be a Wall Street colony!