The names of the 35 Palestinian martyrs killed by “Israel” in Gaza

14 Novembre 2019 0 Di marco zinno


Documented by Younes Arar

Because they are not numbers, here are the names of the 21 Palestinian martyrs killed by “Israel” in Gaza since yesterday according to the Ministry of Health:

Please find below latest update of Palestinian citizens (25% children) killed by Zionist occupation air strikes targeted their homes and neighbourhoods during the past three days, all of them had a life full of hopes for better life, but Zionist occupation thirst for Palestinian blood put an end to their lives in a very savage way. Note that Zero Zionist occupiers were killed.

1. Asma Mohamed Hasan Abu Ata.
2. Baha Salim Hasan Abu Ata.
3. Mohamed Ateyah Musleh Hammoudah.
4. Ibrahim Ahmad Abdulatif Addabous.
5. Zaki Adnan Mohamed Ghannamah.
6. Abdullah Awad Sakeb Al Balbisi.
7. Abdulsalam Ramadan Ahmad Ahmad.
8. Rani Fayez Rajab Abu Nasr.
9. Jihad Ayman Ahmad Abu Khater.
10. Wael Abdul Aziz Abdullah Abdulnabi.
11. Khaled Moawad Salem Farraj.
12. Ibrahim Ayman Fathi Abdul Al.
13. Esmael Ayman Fathi Abdul Al.
14. Ahmad Ayman Fathi Abdul Al.
15. Rafat Mohamed Salman Ayyad.
16. Ameer Rafat Mohamed Ayyad.
17. Eslam Rafat Mohamed Ayyad.
18. Suhail Khader Khalil Qnaitah.
19. Ala Jabr Abed Shtaiwi.
20. Mahmoud Daham Mahmoud Hathat.
21. Momen Mohamed Salman Qaddom.
22. Mohamed Abdullah Sharab.
23. Haitham Hafez Bakri.
24. Yousef Abu Kmail.
25. Moath Al Ajjouri.
26. Ahmad Hasan Alkurdi.
27. Mohamed Hasan Moamar.
28. Mohannad Rasmi Sawarkah (12 years old)
29. Moath Mohamed Salem Sawarkah (7)
30. Wisam Mohamed Salem Sawarkah (13)
31. The child Firas Sawarkah
32. The child Salem Sawarkah
33. Rasmi Salem Sawarkah (45)
34. Mariam Salem Naser Sawarkah (45)
35. Yusra Mohamed Awwad Sawarkah (39)
I will continue to update this list, full of hope no one else gets killed or harmed, occupied Palestine, 14 November 2019.
Documented by Younes Arar